Welcome to Fornell

Wilderness has overtaken the previous age. What was once gleaming spires and golden roads is now sinking ruins in overgrown forests. Four hundred years ago, the dragons returned, and their tyrannical wrath destroyed the great Gregorian Empire. The Sorcerer Lords of old, near immortal demigods, were sealed away or banished to other discs of existence. The Fade encroaches on the land, corrupting life into vile demons. The great behemoths from below have risen from their underground tunnels, and now roam the land, bringing ruin in their wake.

Civilization, though weakened, persisted. The survivors of the cataclysm banded together to form the seven holdfasts in order to defend against the agents of destruction. While the lands outside of the great walled cities are still dangerous wilderness, the people of the cities have found peace and prosperity. Those that wish a more exciting life, though, can find adventure beyond the walls of the holdfasts. The brave adventurers and fortune-hunters set forth. Some return to the holdfasts, laden with riches, glory, and tales of beyond. Others are never seen again, lost to the dangers of the land. Some even establish their own towns and camps in the wilderness, carving out a new home through force of body and will.

About the Game

The Seven Holdfasts is a hexcrawl campaign based in the lands of Fornell. It is meant to be played as an open sandbox in a primarily wilderness based campaign setting. This wiki intends to be an introduction to the setting, and log important information of play sessions.

It is intended to be used with D&D 5E. All supplements released by Wizards of the Coast can be used for character creation and advancements. This includes the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide, the Elemental Evil Player’s Companion, and Unearthed Arcana: Eberron.

Character Creation

Characters will be created using the standard array or 27 point buy, as outlined in the Player’s Handbook. Races are detailed here. Classes are detailed here. Any supplemental material can be used, excluding Dragonmarks from Unearthed Arcana: Eberron.

Alternative Rules

Alternative rules used in the campaign can be found here.

The Seven Holdfasts