The elves ruled the Gregorian Empire hand in hand with humans of past. Originally hailing from a distant land, the elves and the humans travelled to Fornell centuries ago, where they established the Gregorian Empire. As such, they are spread all across the lands of Fornell. Elves were skilled craftsman and artisans, and were some of the finest smiths and metalworkers in the past. Elven enchanters and artificers were common, and many of the enchantments they weaved in the past can still be found in the ruins of the empire today.

Although the cataclysm shattered many of the caste lines of old, there still persists pure bloodlines from the nobility of old. The high elves maintain their family ties, marrying only within other pure bloodlines to maintain their relations to the emperors of old. Their blood carries powerful magic, and even those of mixed blood still carry some of the old enchantments from the Gregorian Empire.

One noble family of elves attempted to find solace from the cataclysm by delving underground, where they cast powerful wards to protect themselves. Although they managed to protect themselves from the dragons, it wasn’t without a cost. A powerful spell cast by Illyth the Unifier bound all noble houses to come to each other’s aid in times of trouble. When the family fled from the wrath of the dragons, they were marked as oathbreakers, and their line is now marked by ashen skin and pale hair, and they are weakened in the sunlight. Any with blood of an oathbreaker is now referred to as the Ashen Ones. However, given the magnitude of the cataclysm, only the other noble houses held resentment against the Ashen Ones. Today, they’re welcomed into the holdfasts with open arms.

Creating an Elf Character

Rules for elves as a playable race can be found in the Player’s Handbook, with the following modifications:

Age: Elves age similarly to humans, although they maintain their youthful appearance throughout their entire lifespan.

Alignment: High elves tend towards lawfulness, with family traditions of the noble houses ingrained deeply within themselves. They often see themselves as having a right to rule, but respect the established government. Ashen ones and common elves have no such leanings.

Normal Vision: Elves have vision comparable to that of a human, and do not have darkvision.

Subraces: Elves can either be high elves, common elves (with traits as a wood elf), or ashen ones (with traits as a drow, excluding superior darkvision).


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