The dwarves of Fornell are broad shouldered and stocky, hardy and strong. In the past, the Gregorian Empire had been built on the shoulders of the dwarven people. Gerelin the Enslaver created the dwarves from magic, and cursed the new race to be the slaves to the rising empire. For centuries, the dwarves worked as slaves, erecting the many castles, towers, and monuments that have since collapsed into ruin. With the cataclysm, the magic ensuring the dwarves service was broken, and the race was freed from their enslavement. They revolted, and with civilization already collapsing, quickly earned their freedom. Although the former members of the Gregorian Empire were unwilling to integrate with the dwarven race, they were soon faced with no choice, as banding together marked their only hope of survival. Now, 400 years later, dwarves are respected as full fledged members of society, although the few survivors of the pureblood lineages of old still harbor some prejudice.

Dwarves tend to shun organized worship of the old Sorcerer Lords, blaming them for their enslavement in the past. Clerics and paladins tend to be rare among dwarves. Dwarven warlocks are also rare, as they tend to fear enslavement from an outside force again. Most dwarves tend to be fighters, barbarians, and monks, valuing their physical strength over any magic. However, there are dwarves who have taken up magic, favoring druidism and wizardry.

Creating a Dwarf Character

Rules for dwarves as a playable race can be found in the Player’s Handbook, with the following modifications:

Age: Dwarves mature much faster than humans, considered a full adult at 12. On average, they live to 60.

Alignment: Remnants of the old curse still linger, driving dwarves towards order and a strong hierarchy or government. Due to this, dwarves tend to be lawful. They are not drawn towards either good or evil, tending towards neutrality.

Regular Vision: Dwarves do not have darkvision, and cannot see better than humans in low light.


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